We are JES

JES is a youth organisation addressing all children and young people in the cities of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. We support them on the levels of leisure, education, work, training and welfare.

JES works with a definite positive view on urbanity. We always seek new opportunities and possible collaborations and we are happy to share our expertise in this matter. Children and youngsters should feel at ease and at home in their town. We support them with various activities and projects in their search for the right place in the city and for their talents and competences. JES nudges them so that they feel empowered and can grow as an individual, as a group and as full inhabitants of the city. With an unconventional and constructive view of urban challenges, JES really makes the difference. Together with the children and youngsters and with our partners we are building the city of tomorrow. Because it is young people that make the city!

Board of trustees

Anke Grooten (voorzitter)
Dylan Peere
Gorik Kaesemans
Griet Geerinck
Jan Claeys
Jean-Luc Fasseur
Karine Janssens
Pieter Van Damme (ondervoorzitter)
Reinout Van Hullebus
Wim Van Gucht
Wouter De Koster

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